Welcome to the world of financial  sarcasm with JPOWELLAI!

​Make your investment epic and challenge the FED  with our token full of fun and surprises."​

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​Discover the power of the revolutionary token that is conquering the financial world! JPOWELLAI Memecoin offers you a unique experience filled with fun, sarcasm, and exciting investment opportunities. Forget about conventional norms and dive into a universe where humor and financial potential merge in one place.It's time to break free from established norms and explore a new world of financial opportunities.  With JPOWELL Memecoin, you can be part of a passionate and creative community that challenges conventions and finds innovative ways to interact with the market. Join us and discover how humor and sarcasm can propel you on the path to financial success. Don't miss this golden opportunity to be part of the JPOWELLAI Memecoin revolution!

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Liquidity Pool - 60%

60% of the pre-sale in pinksale will start in the Liquidity Pool

Devs & Marketing- 2%

For each purchase and sale they make, 2% will be added to the Devs and Marketing portfolio

Auto Liquidity - 5%

Each purchase and sale will automatically add 6% to the Liquidity pool

Holders Redistribution - 2%

For each purchase and sale, 2% will be obtained by our holders

Supply distribution

The Total Supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 JPWL

Team Wallet

The missing team will have a portfolio with 10% of the Total Supply

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